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You have two great options with Find a local Realtor on to represent you or sell it yourself! The choice is yours!


Largest Selection of Discounted Homes

Foreclosures, rent to own, and "MLS smart buys" are some of the highlights of what home buyers can find on Over the years, has developed industry-leading technology to gather and present the best real estate deals in the country. With over 2 million listings, you'll be sure to find a real estate bargain that meets your needs.

Should I Consider Foreclosures?

Buying foreclosure homes is currently a very popular choice, as 40% of all homes being sold today are foreclosures. continually builds a comprehensive foreclosure listings from hundreds of public and private data sources. Our foreclosure listings currently stand at over 1 million and include Short Sales, Bank Foreclosures, HUD Homes, Pre-foreclosures and more. Our property detail pages reveal all the background information needed to evaluate each listing and connect with key contacts in control of each property. With a little bit of looking, you may find a deal of lifetime in your area today!

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No Down Payment? No Problem

Have you considered "Rent To Own"? In the last few years, home sellers started listing their homes as Rent to Own or "Lease Option". This means they will lease the home to you for a set period of time and have a portion of your monthly payment count towards the down payment for the home to be purchased at the end of the said timeline.

What are the benefits of a Rent To Own?

Many home buyers are unable to qualify for tougher loan qualifications now and find that a Rent To Own property can be an easy, inexpensive way to invest in a home. As you live in the house you get to learn all of the ins and outs of the property, including what home improvements it will need before actually purchasing it. If you have a steady income and can afford the monthly payment, Rent to own is a great option to get in the house you want now and build your downpayment and credit to purchase the home later. has one of the nation's largest Rent to Own listings database for you to choose from. Search your local area now!

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Be Smart. Find Great Deals

There is no shortage of buyer options with Look for Smart Score as you look through MLS, foreclosure, rent to own, for sale by owner (FSBO), and other real estate deals. Smart Score is an indicator to show how well the home is priced compared to other homes in the area. Higher scores mean it is a great deal, and a low score means you should negotiate aggressively when you make an offer.

Make an informed decision

Once you find a home that interests you, be sure to look at our other information that is available like neighborhood statistics and the prices of other houses that sold in the area. At , we want to help you buy homes at better-than-market price. Try out the service risk free and tell us how you like it!

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