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Your site is very informative and up to date. I bought a house from your site at a real good deal. I joined several other sites and was not pleased, but your site was great...keep up the good work and thank you.
-- Lester L. - Villa Rica, GA (April 2010)
The amount of detailed information for each listing was outstanding.
-- Jeffrey C. - Antioch, TN (March 2010)
You are doing a great job, providing a great service and I just say, thank you and keep those listings coming!
-- Linda I. - Arlington, VA (March 2010)
I FOUND MY DREAM HOME!!! The website got me to an area that I never thought of. I have found a great deal, and saved about $150,000. I did look at many foreclosures, but with patience, and the help of HUDforeclosed.com I was able to find a great deal !!! I am so happy.
-- Steve S. - Phoenix, AZ
I love the site, there are so many pictures and the info is so inclusive, including full address. I've used other sites in the past and been disappointed. I fully intend to sign back up, and I've recommended HUDforeclosed.com to friends and family.
-- Alexandria M. - Anchorage, AK
There were a lot of listings on the site in my area. The site took me right to these properties and was able to move on 2 of them. I am actually going to extend my membership so I can find more investment opportunities.
-- Raymond C. - Williamsburg, VA
I found a house! I was able to find a house in a very well kept neighborhood that I wanted to live in but did not think I could afford. I love sales and feel I got a house on sale. I am very pleased.
-- Julia D. - Memphis, TN
We have found a home and are closing next week. The website was extremely helpful and aided us in the search for a home. We will refer other potential homeowners to the website. Thank you.
-- Lianne B. - Brockton, MA
We found the home we wanted. It is the best little house on 2 acres. You can really find great homes for first time buyers like us. The site was very easy to work with. Thank you.
-- Ashley G. - Sugar Valley, GA
Your website contains a large list of foreclosed properties around the nation. I like the fact that you can find foreclosures in different states, and I like the videos and educational material that you offer in your website for buyers, etc. Your site looks nice and has a lot of valuable information for different types of buyers.
-- Vivian L. - Gables, FL


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