HUD Foreclosures and Government Houses for Sale in Wyoming ZIP Codes

Wyoming HUD Homes and Government Foreclosures by ZIP Code

Looking for HUD foreclosures for sale in Wyoming ZIP codes? Our links below represent the latest information on government houses for sale in [state]. Our extensive database includes:

  • HUD Foreclosures (Department of Housing and Urban Development) - In an attempt to stimulate homebuyer activity, U.S. HUD has backed loans that have defaulted, and these become part of HUD's inventory. Since they are eager to recoup lost revenue from unpaid mortgages, they are eager to sell these HUD homes at an attractive price.
  • VA Foreclosures (Department of Veteran's Affairs) - As a result of mortgage default on VA-financed or VA-insured loans, VA has acquired a large inventory of distressed properties. You do not need to be a veteran to purchase these bargain priced homes. Often VA will offer financing of these VA foreclosures to prospective homebuyers.
  • Fannie Mae Foreclosures (Federal National Mortgage Association) - Yet another federal institution dedicated to backing loans to make it possible for U.S. citizens to acquire a home loan, Fannie Mae foreclosures are represent another opportunity for both investors and home buyers to purchase homes at bargain prices.
  • Freddie Mac Foreclosures (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) - In an attempt to stimulate confidence in home ownership and home rental markets, Freddie Mac has backed loans on properties that have defaulted as well.

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