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Browse our nationwide foreclosure listings and cheap homes for sale. posts an extensive inventory of pre foreclosure listings, bank foreclosed homes, tax foreclosure properties and other foreclosed homes for sale in your state.

Pre foreclosure listings contain homes that are in the early stages of the foreclosure process. These properties have been served a Notice of Default or Lis Pendens and may be good candidates for short sales. Selling a home in pre foreclosure lets the current owner avoid adding their home to the inventory of nationwide foreclosure listings. Avoiding the foreclosure process helps the current owner avoid the damage a foreclosure causes to their credit rating. These homes can also save a new buyer thousands of dollars versus the original purchase price of the home.

The nationwide foreclosure listings on HUDforeclosed include all foreclosure types. Some of the most popular foreclosed homes for sale include bank foreclosed homes. These REO (Real Estate Owned) properties must be sold by their owners to recoup loan losses. Banks are not motivated to keep their reposseessed homes. Instead, it is in their interest to quickly sell their inventories and write new home loans to support their lending business. All states nationwide may offer foreclosed homes for sale.

Tax foreclosure properties provide two investment opportunities: tax deed sales and tax lien sales. Tax sale types vary state by state nationwide, but each sale offers potential financial rewards to real estate investors. A tax deed sale allows a buyer to acquire tax foreclosure properties at an auction for an amount equal to accumulated back taxes, plus any additional costs or fees imposed by the seller. Tax liens offer investors a financial security and a guaranteed rate of return on future property tax payments. Property redemption rights for holders of tax liens permits the property title to transfer at little or no cost if the homeowner defaults on tax payments. This makes tax liens one of the most potentially lucrative options for investors in tax foreclosure properties.

Explore the nationwide listings of each type of cheap homes for sale on HUDforeclosed. To find the best selection of homes to suit your life or investment approach, search all types of pre foreclosure listings, foreclosed homes for sale and tax foreclosure properties in our national database.

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