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HUD is shorthand for U.S. Government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development. Its mission is to promote community development and increase access to affordable housing for low and moderate income Americans. With the government insuring loans to these higher risk homebuyers, lenders are more likely to make loans to homebuyers that would not otherwise qualify for the loan. This does increase home ownership nationwide, as intended by HUD. However, guaranteeing loans to borrowers with lower credit profiles comes with risk, and HUD backed loans, (especially in this economic climate) produce ‘HUD Foreclosures’ or properties owned by HUD due to mortgage default. These types of government foreclosures are called HUD homes. HUD is very motivated to sell these homes and remove them from their inventory where they are expensive to maintain.

The governments desire to reduce its inventory of repossessed homes means there is significant savings potential by purchasing these government foreclosures!

Since HUD foreclosures for sale are sold “as-is”, HUD is not obligated to correct any issues or problems with a property. Even if a HUD home requires improvements or fixing (and many of these do not), these properties are often substantial bargains. Since it is in their best financial interest to quickly sell the inventory, special incentives are often presented to potential buyers. For example, a buyer can request that HUD pay all or portions of the closing fees. Even though these types of properties can be purchased below market value, we still urge you to inquire with your real estate agent and have the home inspected by a professional BEFORE you make an offer.

A preforeclosure presents an opportunity for an investor or prospective homebuyer to purchase a distressed property at an attractive price before the property is sold at a public auction. Additionally, the distressed homeowner benefits by selling before the auction which minimizes the damage to the homeowner’s credit rating.
The starting phase of the foreclosure process is referred to as 'Pre-foreclosure'. This phase is initiated by the lender, where a formal warning is sent to the borrower in the form of a NOD (Notice of Default) or Lis Pendens and outlines the borrower’s breach of the loan covenants. If the borrower does not respond to this notification and pay off the defaulted loan amount, the lender will take the next step to force the sale of the property at a public auction. The auction sale marks the end of the pre-foreclosure period.
When a homeowner defaults on his or her mortgage, a property enters 'foreclosure status', or 'goes into foreclosure'. The reasons for defaulting on mortgage payments are typically because the homeowner is unwilling or unable to pay off the remainder of the loan, and the lending institution initiates the process to sell the property at a public auction.. If the lending institution is the highest or only bidder at the auction, it will then become the owner of the property. When this occurs, the property is referred to as “bank owned” or “REO” (real estate owned) property. Since banks are in the business of lending money and prefer to quickly dispose of non-performing assets, they have an incentive to selling the home at a reduced rate. This is where a savvy investor or homebuyer can find properties at well below market value.
Our business address is 3835 R East Thousand Oaks Blvd #431, Westlake Village, CA 91362.
There are loans available for all different levels of credit, some lenders provide up to 100% financing. You should discuss financing questions with a qualified representative from one of our financing referrals. Using, you may access these referrals by clicking on “Loans” on the members-only website. does not offer financing directly. We provide links to businesses that will gladly assist you. These links are located in the members only section of the website. Sign in, click on “Loans”, and enter your loan criteria.
You do not need to sign up for to go to auctions or look at foreclosed property. However, we perform all the research for you, ensuring you see most every listing and making it much easier for you to get the information you need. uses various sources for property listings. We purchase information from title companies, banks and other institutions. We also comb through public information sources to ensure you have the most accurate, comprehensive listings available. This information costs thousands of dollars, but we are able to charge a nominal fee by amortizing those costs across all our customers. lists properties throughout the U.S., so you can look for property in all 51 states and districts.
Yes, HUDforeclosed lists thousands of homes in every state. Right now is perhaps the best time to buy foreclosures. The historic housing boom of the last 10 years led to predatory and allegedly unethical lending by aggressive lenders and banks. This led to homeowners being approved for loans that they could not afford, especially when the adjustable interest rates increased and the payments skyrocketed. Combine higher payments with a flat housing market and you end up with many homeowners simply giving up on their home and leaving it for the bank or U.S. Government to repossess. At, you should be able to find a home that fits your budget and requirements.
YES, you can! There are millions of people buying foreclosures right now -- and saving (or making) thousands of dollars doing it. Remember that a foreclosed property is considered “distressed“ by the seller, who wants to sell the property quickly. When a seller is motivated to sell quickly, it can result in prices substantially below market value. This is especially true in today's economy, and it means a great opportunity for you!
Since you are paying for access to the website (as opposed paying per use), you will still be charged. The only way to ensure you do not get charged the monthly fees is to cancel before your Trial expires. While some customers may disagree with this policy, we ask that you think of a newspaper subscription. You are paying for having access to that newspaper, not for actually having read the newspaper. You will still pay their subscription fees even if you never read their content. The analogy holds true for cable TV, phone bills, gym memberships, etc. You pay their fees regardless of actual usage, and our subscription operates in the same manner. We have found it’s the only way to provide this valuable service for such a low monthly fee, as it would cost you thousands of dollars and countless hours to find and access this information yourself. Remember that you can also SAVE thousands of dollars using, which is huge compared to the small monthly fee you pay to access
To cancel immediately (no questions asked), simply click here. You’ll be asked to enter your email address and password to verify your identity, and then you’ll be automatically cancelled. It's as easy as that!
At, we make it very simple to cancel and there are no hidden fees or charges. To cancel immediately (no questions asked), simply click here
The fees we charge are used to create the best foreclosure database available and to provide assistance to our customers.

Membership cost depends on which membership you selected and when you signed up. The Trial has a nominal charge. If you do not cancel during the Trial, your account will automatically roll over to a monthly subscription of about $50.

If you signed up for the 6-month membership, you receive a $140 bi-annual discount; you pay only $99 every 6 months. If you signed up for the Annual membership, you will be charged a one-time fee of $179, saving you nearly $300 off the regular membership price. There is no Trial with either the 6-month or Annual membership. You will be immediately charged upon completion of the signup process.

Prices are subject to change. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for details.
No, it is not free -- but remember you get what you pay for. The fees we charge are used to create the best foreclosure database available and to provide assistance to our customers. IMPORTANT: beware of websites that offer “FREE“ trials. These websites make it easy to sign up, but extremely difficult to cancel. By the time you’re able to cancel, your credit card may be charged multiple times, often totalling over $100. At, we make it very simple to cancel and there are no hidden fees or charges.
It’s very easy. Simply complete our 1-page form by providing your contact and billing information. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be given a user ID and password to access the password-protected website.
We provide all the information you need to buy foreclosed properties at below market prices. Using our password-protected website, you will be able to:
•  Find homes from $10,000.
•  Learn how to purchase foreclosures.
•  Apply for loans and assistance.
•  Research real estate news and trends.
•  Connect with other members. is America’s #1 provider of distressed property listings. We feature the largest inventory of bank and government owned real estate including the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Our charter is to help residents from all 50 states save money when purchasing real estate. We specialize in assisting first time buyers, investors and other bargain hunters during the entire homebuying process.

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